Explaining How Our Lungs Work to Children

When explaining bronchiectasis to children, it’s helpful to be able to explain how the lungs work. This video from KidsHealth is aimed at young children who have a basic concept of the human body.

Discover eight interesting facts about the lungs.

With the help of Chloe and the Nurb, the video explains the process of inhaling and exhaling along with easy-to-understand terminology for some of the parts of the lungs. The video also explains how oxygen is distributed through the lungs and into the blood supply, and how carbon dioxide is expelled from the body.

Understanding how the lungs function will help children to better understand how bronchiectasis affects the lungs and why patients suffer from symptoms such as shortness of breath, chronic cough, chest pain and wheezing.

Characteristics of bronchiectasis patients differ depending on the underlying cause. Find out more. 

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