How to Live Your Best Life With a Chronic Illness

If you’re living with a chronic illness, it’s easy to slip into a malaise and feel sorry for yourself. This isn’t a helpful state of mind and it potentially means you’re missing out on life. In this video from NewLifeOutlook, Anna Scanlon shares her five tips for living your best life with a chronic illness.

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Anna’s advice is simple and applies to all people living with a chronic illness: look after yourself, play to your strengths, focus on what you can do rather than lamenting the things you can’t do anymore, find new hobbies or a job that encompasses the new you, and don’t let your illness define who you are.

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  1. Denise savoie says:

    How to protect lungs is difficult when you live in a region that allows outside burning and old wood stoves. What is the best information I could provide local lawmakers to convince them of the harmful effects? Thank you

  2. Patti says:

    I am wondering by chance if over exertion with hiking up mountains in Arizona with all the desert dust can cause a flare up. I wanted to push myself as everything I read said exercise is good however I ended up sick the next day with Tightness in chest and having more sticky mucus, cough feeling sick and run down. Also I’m allergic to every classification of antibiotics so avoiding infection is a must. I am using homeopathic remedies to avoid infection and saline nebulizer . I am allergic to so many things and it feels like when histamines are over active I can’t clear the mucus fast enough and end up sick. I have mild non CF bronchiectasis in four of the lobes.

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