The Bronchiectasis and NTM Initiative

The Bronchiectasis and NTM Initiative is an online facility that aims to meet the needs of patients who have either bronchiectasis or nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) via a global platform.

Study identifies three key risk factors for bronchiectasis in COPD patients. Find out more.

The initiative has created an online space where members can receive educational resources, interact with others, and learn more about research programs and clinical trials that are trying to find new treatments, and ultimately cures, for the diseases.

Created by the COPD Foundation, the Bronchiectasis and NTM Initiative also has a research registry where members can find out about clinical trials and research programs they can participate in. The Bronchiectasis and NTM Research Registry is a database of adult patients who have non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis or NTM from research and clinical institutions. The data is used to help future research into the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment approaches for both conditions. Find out more about the research registry here. 

Bayer to present data from phase 3 clinical trial on non-CF bronchiectasis therapy at CHEST16. Read more here. 

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