RespirTech Launches Novel Design Options for Its inCourage System to Encourage Therapy

RespirTech Launches Novel Design Options for Its inCourage System to Encourage Therapy

RespirTech, a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of those living with respiratory conditions, announced new fashionable updates to its Airway Clearance Therapy inCourage® system vest. The new colorful designs and ornamental stickers are destined to personalize treatment and are now available to patients.

The inCourage® system, created and distributed by RespirTech, was developed with the purpose of improving the quality of life of patients suffering from conditions affecting the airways and lungs, such as bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. The system uses high-frequency chest compression (HFCC), in which air is pressured, creating compressions that loosen and mobilize accumulated mucus, leading to its removal from lungs and respiratory airways. The system is based on an inflatable vest that is attached to a compressor device.

This therapy may be especially relevant in the treatment of bronchiectasis, an under-diagnosed and irreversible condition characterized by abnormally dilated bronchial airways, leading to the accumulation of excess mucus and deficient clearance, which causes higher risk to recurrent bacterial infections and further tissue damage. Patients that use this type of therapy may be less vulnerable to respiratory infection and present a decreased need for antibiotic use. The Airway Clearance Therapy is an effective component of daily chronic disease management.

The company introduced three new designs – Pixel Puzzle, Northern Lights and Passion Pink Camo – to join its already vibrant designs presented last year (Flower Power, Star Galaxy and Wild Camo).

Bob Buehler, RespirTech Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the company’s improved design offers in a press release, “Patients with respiratory disease count on our inCourage® System to help clear their obstructed airways for better health and quality of life. We know vest therapy helps with airway clearance if patients adhere to their prescribed regimen. If personalized vests and units can encourage therapy, that’s a win for patients, their caregivers and the health care system.”

Buehler also highlighted how the inCourage® System, and its new vest designs and unit decals, contributes to patient and specifically children’s well-being and adherence to treatment, “Anything that helps kids feel more empowered and engaged in their therapy may lead to greater adherence, which is key to improving health status”.