AffloVest Can Help Clear Lung Mucus in Bronchiectasis Patients

This video from AffloVest shares that up to one in three people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will also have bronchiectasis. It also explains how lung secretions (mucus) builds up in the bronchial airways in the lungs of bronchiectasis patients over time, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs and can lead to chest infections.

A study finds that high-frequency chest wall compression improves mucus clearance in bronchiectasis.

The portable AffloVest can help COPD and bronchiectasis patient clear the mucus from their lungs using oscillation therapy. The vibrations from the vest help to break up the secretions, making them easier to expel and minimizing the risk of infections.

AffloVest is the first mobile, high-frequency chest wall oscillation vest designed for patients with a wide range of respiratory diseases. The company, International Biophysics Corporation, who produces the vest has just announced a 34 percent growth in 2016 largely due to the global sale of the device. Find out more about this announcement here. 

What to expect while living with bronchiectasis. Find out more here. 

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